No Problem Too Small

This post was not my original plan for this week. But life happens. For all the parents out there, you will understand how my week has been from these next two words, EAR INFECTION. Nothing like a toddler with an ear infection to make you question everything in life. A few times yesterday I found myself saying, ” What am I going to do?” I was literally asking myself. I was not asking God what I should do because, well it’s just an ear infection and as much as I hate seeing my poor baby suffer I know that he will be better in a few days. Without realizing it, I had reserved God for the big problems only. Not wanting to bother my big God with something small. A little food for thought; How many of my big problems would have never become big if, I brought them to God when they were small?

I can tell you as a stay at home that sometimes as I walk down the stairs in the morning and realize I’m about to do the same exact thing as yesterday makes me cringe. Milk, diaper changes, breakfast, play or maybe a park, snack, more playing, lunch, nap, and another snack, errands, maybe visiting grandparents, dinner, tv, bath, and bed. Sprinkle a few exciting temper tantrums in there and trying to keep the house somewhat clean and I usually am going to bed wondering what exactly did I do today besides keep my child fed. I stay up all night feeling like I got nothing done. Trying to figure out how I was going to do it better tomorrow. What I don’t usually do is ask God. “How should my schedule look?” or “God. what can I do today to make it feel less monotonous?”

Then, there are days like today. Up at 4:30am with a screaming 1 year old pulling at his ear. Hours of crying and a doctor appointment later, we have an ear infection and 10 days of trying to get my toddler to take medicine. I wish I was doing my same old routine with my happy little guy! Today was a hard day. I struggled. I fell sleep when he did and I didn’t do the dishes. No laundry was done and no food was made. I held him while he slept and once the little pain medicine I got him to swallow kicked in, I played with him. My husband and I spent hours trying to get one dose of antibiotics in his little body. It was tense. My mind kept going over everything I needed to do this week and I got stressed out. Then I got mad that I was stressed out, what do you have to be stressed over? Your house is messy, your kid has an ear infection, and you need to pack for vacation. Your world is not ending. These are not life or death problems. Do not bother God with this. And stop there.

This is a lie from the enemy. See, maybe in comparison to someone else my problems are small. I’m thankful  every day that my problems are small, but God can handle the small problems just like the big ones. As I was reading the same scriptures I read every day one stood out to me like never before. John 16:33 says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Jesus overcame every trouble when he died on the cross and then rose three days later. The big ones and the small ones. He will help you find ways to break up your monotonous day, to get your kid to take medicine, to give your family peace and rest during an ear infection, and yes, he will even help you pack for vacation! Do not ever think you can’t bother God with your troubles.

This week’s post is short and sweet, but for me it has been a huge revelation. If you struggle with going to God with the small stuff like me below is a prayer I am praying tonight to start changing my thinking regarding this topic. I hope you will join me in growing your trust in God deeper.

Heavenly Father,

Thank you for sending your son to die on the cross for my sins, for my healing, and also for my troubles. God, I know that you can do anything and that any problem I’m facing, big or small, you have already overcome that problem. Lord, forgive me for trying to figure the small stuff out on my own and for not coming to you. Forgive me for not trusting you with every area of my life. Lord, I ask that you start a new work in me and change my thinking regarding this. Help me to look to you with every issue that arises not matter how big and no matter how small. I trust you with every area of my life and I know that Your plan for me is always better than my own. Thank you Lord for this revelation. I love you and I praise you in Jesus name, Amen!

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